Most Companies need Capital to grow, as such you've decided that it's time to seek funding, to grow your company, whether organically, by making an acquisition, or some other strategic plan such as expanding your business into a new market. You have picked a financial consultant and legal counsel to assist you in a private offering of securities. Now is the time solidify that offering by having 3rd party Due Diligence completed on the company and its offering. Due Diligence can be difficult and time consuming but it isn't just requirement from a regulatory agency and it doesn't need to be so difficult. Due diligence is an important step to ensure that business dealings are represented in a manner that is fair to all parties. As registered investment bankers we understand the importance of completing Due Diligence as quickly as possible and with daily communications as to the progress of that work.


506c Private Placement - Offering and Company Due Diligence

As FINRA registered Investment Bankers that have completed numerous equity offerings we understand the importance of having a true 3rd Party review of the Company and the offering. In addition to improving the quality of the offering document by verifying statements, this Due Diligence is also expected as part of the prudent man standard.

3(a)10 - Bona Fide Claim Examination

In order to assure the financier and the court that the claims included in a 3(a)10 claim are valid, it is often recommended, by council, that a group not tied to the transaction (3rd Party) perform an examination of all claims and claimants included in the court filing. We verify each claim and each party making a claim, and, when possible, check financial documents for evidence of said claims, with the final result being a list of verified and not verified claims with all supporting documents and communications.