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Capabilities Explained

Acquisition Financing

Capital obtained for the purpose of strategic or tactical acquisitions. The capital is applied toward the transaction(s).

Initial Public Offering

The primary offering of stock by a private company to the public market, which can be used to move into being publicly traded, but is typically used by newer, smaller companies as an effort to raise capital.

Follow-On Offerings

Offerings of preferred or un-preferred stock made by company after the IPO. These offerings are mostly used to raise Capital, and may be un-dilutive (preferred) or dilutive (un-preferred).

Secondary Public Offering

SPO is a public stock offering from current shareholders of a company.

Equity Offering

Offering of stock, or any form of partial ownership or stake in a business, for investment capital.

Leveraged Buyout

An LBO is a form of Acquisition in which the target company is acquired using a significant amount of borrowed capital to meet the acquisition cost.

Private Placement Memorandum

A legal document given to prospective buyers when a business is selling stock or other securities.


The practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, today often performed via internet-mediated website like


Up-listing is the process of moving a stock to trade on a higher exchange. This can lead to increased liquidity which can improve access to capital.

Registration Direct

An investment that requires an effective registration statement before the investment is received by the company.

Regulation A+

Small issuer exemption that enables smaller companies to offer and sell up to $50 million of securities in a 12-month period, subject to eligibility, disclosure and reporting requirements.

Preferred Equity

Preferred stock raises can benefit both the investor and the company. The investor can reduce risk by receiving a dividend or interest and the company can raise capital when significant dilution when they feel their common stock is undervalued or the value is unclear.

Trade Payables & Debt Purchase

Creative financing by selling aged debt to a third party typically at a discount for equity in the company.

Corporate Board Strategic Advisory

Strategic advisory focused on funding, up-listing, partnerships, corporate development, Mergers and Acquisitions, and technical roadmaps.

Debt Restructuring

A renegotiating of the terms of delinquent debt to achieve an advantageous position, typically higher liquidity.

Convertible Debt

Debt financing of a company, with the intention of converting said debt to Equity at a later date.


A new security issue that may be sold in portions over a two-year period without incurring any penalties or being forced to re-register.

Direct Public Offering

A kind of offering where capital is raised by targeting specific people within the culture of the business: employees, customers, suppliers, friends, etc.

Debt Offerings

The reverse to an Equity Offering, when a company secures funding by making a promise to pay an investor or investors interest payments and also promises to, at some point in the future, repay the principal amount in full.

Buy & Sell Side M&A

Due Diligence, Advisory Roles, Acquisition Searches, Management Presentations, Definitive Documents, etc. We see through the entire M&A process from start to finish.

Tactical Acquisition

Acquisition made with an immediate impact on the sub-goals of the business. Some examples include an acquisition that will improve business processes, lower costs in the supply chain, reduce risk, and expand geographic footprint.

Recapitalizations & Restructuring

Restructuring a company's debt and equity mixture, most often with the aim of making a company's capital structure more stable. Essentially, the process involves the exchange of one form of financing for another.

Company Sale

Exit strategy that includes the sale of the company. Sell-side advisors are often used to advise the company on preparing for sale, finding the right buyer, and managing the deal process.

Growth Capital Financing

Growth capital is designed to facilitate accelerated growth through expanded operations, entry into new markets, or to complete strategic acquisitions.

Lines of Credit

A revolving loan that gives businesses access to a fixed amount, which they can use day-to-day according to their working capital needs.

Line of Business Sale

Sale of part of a business generally related to a single product or line of similar products. The sale allows the company to focus its efforts.